SEO, short form for Search Engine Optimization can be described as a set of practices and techniques that teach webmasters how to enhance their website in order to make it easy for the search engines to track them, index them, and give them rankings to be displayed on the search engine results page. For the sake of mentioning, getting indexed and ranked by the search engines plays a very great role in increasing traffic, attracting visitors, which translates to sales.

SEO can also be described as the process of boosting the amount of visitors to a particular website by getting high rankings in the search engines. This is because the higher a site ranks in the search engines, the greater the chances that the site will get many visitors. It is a very common practice among online surfers to not click beyond the first page of the search engine results page, thus where a website ranks or is positioned in a search is very crucial for directing more targeted traffic towards that site.

Basic SEO Tips

  • Make sure your primary keywords feature on the search engine robots to be able to make it easy for the search robots to know what the webpage is about.
  • Don’t use the same title tag on each page of your site lest the search engines assume that all pages contain the same thing. If this happens, only a single page will get indexed
  • Avoid keyword spamming the Meta tag and description tag
  • Avoid linking to search-engine unfriendly websites.
  • Use the same set of keywords or phrases as anchor text to link from one page to another within the site. The more keywords that link to a page the better for your rankings
  • Ensure that the keywords on the title tag also feature on the content of the pag
  • Avoid using submission software or submission service to submit your web pages to the search engines; instead, do it personally as it can get your site banned or penalized.
  • Use alt tags to describe your images because search engines don’t index images and further, it will be beneficial to users who use only text based web browsers
  • Avoid using doorway pages as they are meant only for the search engine robots and not humans
  • Put your title tag on the HMTL of your text link to put more weight in the link and the web page where the link is.

Boiled down, search engine optimization is very important as it will increase your chances of getting more visitors to your site.