Page ranks are basically determined by the external links that lead to a particular web page.  This is the reason why most webmasters are so eager to get back links to see their rank improve in the page rank of Google. Also, because of this link building is also becoming a popular online job.  Although links are really very important to improve one’s page rank, it seems that people are forgetting the other SEO factors or techniques, and one of them is the creation of quality contents.

Creating quality contents is the best SEO technique that can effectively put your website into a high position.  Having countless external links is useless if your web pages do not contain well-written articles.  It can be safely said that you just allocate your time creating excellent contents rather than building links to your site.

However, I am not saying that link building is not an effective SEO technique.  External links can also have a great contribution to the success of your website.  There actually are two reasons why it is also essential to SEO.  First, it can help improve your rank in search engines and second, it can boost the traffic to your site.

When building external links, you have to see it that they are quality links.  You should know what types of websites you should focus on.  Quality links can be obtained from reputable websites.  If you are able to get links from highly-regarded sites, even though they are just a few, you will definitely be ranked high in search engines.

Search engines have no standard criteria as to how websites should be ranked as they change their algorithm every now and then.  This means that they do not rank websites just by looking at their external links alone.  They also base it on the relevance of the sites that link to them and, of course, on their contents.  Another effective SEO technique is the use of anchor text.

If you want your website to get a high rank in search engines, see to it that its contents are unique and relevant.  It is also important that you update your contents regularly and build quality links that can be useful in the long run.

So by now, you should already know that external links are not the best way to achieve a high rank in search engines, but the creation of quality contents is.