This section focus on how to design the webpage to appear the same to both the Search Engine and the users. The key to Design SEO is to Keep It Simple (KIS). A page with complicated design elements and pictures will not help much in SEO. The following explains how the webpage design affects the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

1. Optimize page size
This not only helps Search Engine to have an easier time indexing your site but also helps you to save valuable resources. Keeping everthing (text and images) under 15KB is perfect. Click the above link to learn techniques on how to skimp down the page size.

2. Navigation menu for Search Engine
Not only users need to have an easy to use navigation menu for your site but Search Engine also needs the information of inter-linking in your site. Avoid fanciful dynamic JavaScript menu because Search Engine does not understand them and the links will be left out eventually. Using textlinks for navigation is always preferred. Click the above link to learn more about the placement of navigation menu for the best results.

3. Avoid Frames
There are several problems for Search Engine to index your page if the page is made up of frames. Search Engine index single pages, therefore, each framed page is indexed seperately. Click on the above link to learn some techniques to overcome this problem. One advise: Avoid frames if you are going for SEO.

4. Keep It Simple and Valid (KISV)
All in all, Search Engine loves simple webpage with rich content. Always validate your webpage so that Search Engine will not encounter errors along the way. We never know what will the spiders do when they encounter problems.. do they ignore and proceed? Or worst, give up..

5. Optimize Flash embedded sites
Flash movies are getting more popular nowadays because of their visual and audio effects. User always like to see graphics and images but this is not the case for Search Engine. Search Engines do no have the ability to extract 100% of the Flash content so your potential customers may not even know about your site when they are doing a search. Click the above link to learn about how to optimize your Flash movies for the Search Engines.

6. The Power of robots.txt File
The robots.txt file is a text file that contain instructions to Search Engine not to index certain part of the website. This file can be easily coded in Notepad (PC) or SimpleText (Mac).
Robots.txt is especially useful when you do not want Search Engine to index your pages which are currently under construction. Click on the link above to learn on how to use this text file to your advantage.