The best way, or probably the only way, to enhance traffic to your website is through search engine optimization or SEO. If you optimize your website by using different SEO strategies, you will be able to gain organic back links and, most importantly, more people will come visit your site.

Before you begin optimizing your website, you must expect that it will eat a lot of your time, but if you do it right, this can deliver a long-term benefit. SEO is a better option than SEM or the search engine marketing.

Below are ways on how you can improve your traffic to your website through SEO:

  1. Determine your page rank. In order to determine your current page rank, you can use tools like Google toolbar and Alexa. You can use these two tools to keep track of the progress of your site.
  2. Choose the right keywords. Keywords are usually the words that Internet users type into search engines when looking for specific information and they play a big role in increasing traffic to your site. If you employ the right keywords to your contents, your website will most likely be viewed by more people. Your chosen keywords must be seen in your titles, sub-titles, body, tags, anchor texts, URLs and image description.
  3. Include a site map. Site map refers to an outline of all your web pages. This is basically for the purpose of easier navigation.
  4. Do not overdesign your website. Flashy texts or graphics may be appealing if they are applied to artistic works, but not to websites. Overdesigning your site might just affect your position in search engines as they might not be able to correctly interpret the keywords that are contained in your titles, contents, tags, etc.
  5. Place keywords on your URLs. If you want your website to be easily remembered by web users, make sure that your URLs contain your keywords.
  6. Build external links. External links are built if other website owners post your link on their websites. In order for them to link you, you must see to it that your contents are of high quality and that your website is worth linking.
  7. Put a description on the pictures that you’ve included on your website. Search engines do not include pictures when ranking websites, but they definitely take a peek on the descriptions of the pictures. That is why you should place your keywords on your image descriptions.