Building a site with a well thought out internal link structure is paramount to the success of your online efforts.  Google, Bing, and Yahoo all look into a websites internal links in order to determine which pages are important and what each page is about.  I wrote this page to help you get started on creating a fully optimized internal linking structure that works well for visitors and search engine spiders.

Firstly, you need to look into the way each site page will flow to its sister pages.  Many people opt for a three tier structure.  Tier 3 structure consist of a home page for your tier 1, navigation links built as tier 2s, and tier 2s linking out to the tier 3s.  The following paragraphs will explain this in further detail.

Use your home page as your tier one site page.  It should have a navigation bar on one of the sides or at the top of the page to point to your secondary pages.  You will also want to link to each of these tier twos within your body copy of the home page.

The navigation bar should always consist of your tier 2 web pages.  These pages will be build around sub topics of your sites niche and will link to pages that you consider micro topics of each individual tier two.  You will also want to make sure that each tier two points back to your main tier one as well as your tier three web pages.

The next area of concentration will be your tier three pages.  Surge Seo, a Minnesota seo company, says that each tier three page should clearly fit into a tier two category page and will link back to both its tier two and the tier one page.  Two keyword text links should point out to at least two other tier three pages as well as back to the relevant tier 2.

Internally linking tier three pages will create a large net of interlinking pages and will increase page rank for the entire site.  The easiest way to get a new link is to build it yourself on your own site, and interlinking is the best way to do this.  Remember links built on your own pages are controlled by you and will never go away unless you want them to.

Use the information in this article to start building the internal link structure of your website and you will be very pleased with the results.  Also feel free to bookmark this site and refer back to it as often as necessary.