So what is the hype about PageRank? The best way to relate PageRank is to think about popularity vote. When a page points to yours, your page gains in PageRank based on the importance of that page on the internet. Therefore, the more important pages linking to your page, the higher your PageRank will be. However, PageRank has nothing to do with the relevance of your pages to specific keywords or searches. The following discuss the correct ways to get inbound links for PageRank.

More Inbound links for higher PageRank

It is known that the more inbound links you can get for your page, the higher is your PageRank. It is true but webmasters should also note that the number of links on the other page also affects the amount of PageRank contibutes to your page. For example, one link from a link farm (a page with over hundreds of links) to your page does not mean anything. Also, the higher is the PageRank of the page linking to your page, the higher is the increase of your page’s PageRank.

Go for organic links

Organic links are links to pages that is relevant (in terms of content) to your page. Organic inbound links will have your page benefit in the long run especially when the Search Engine is focusing on relevancy. Organic page design is a good rule of thumb for any web design and SEO tasks. Social bookmarking is one example of organic linking.