The following are guidelines that can help increase the traffic that leads to your website:

Produce quality articles and submit them to article directories.  If you want your website to gain more exposure, you may write several quality articles and submit them to different article directories.  When submitting to article directories, always place your link right after your article or in the resource box.  When planning to submit your articles to different article directories, make sure to spin the articles first before submitting to another.  Avoid submitting similar articles to various directories.  Otherwise, you will not get to increase traffic to your site and that you will not also be able to level up your rank in search engines.

Always ensure the effectiveness of the keywords you’ve chosen.  Many people think that they should forever stick with the first keyword or keyword phrases they’ve chosen.  But the reality is that the needs of readers may change abruptly and these changes can make their keywords obsolete.  Another reason is that the initial keywords they’ve chosen are not attracting that much traffic.  This is the reason why keywords must be checked every now and then whether they still are popular in the minds of the majority of the readers or not.

Concentrate on a single niche and create a blog.  Subjects of websites can branch out to so many sub-niches, but sad to say, you can’t write about all of them.  You have to make up your mind as to what niche you should focus on.  For instance, if the products you’re trying to sell are cellphones and computer parts, you have to choose which one would you like to promote first.  Once you have chosen a niche, start making a blog about it.  When creating blogs, see to it that they have well-written and original contents so you can drive more traffic to your website.

Your website must be of high speed.  People do not like visiting websites that take a while to upload.  The speed of a website is actually included in the checklist of search engines when ranking websites.  If your website is slow-paced, you might see it at a very frustrating spot in search engines.

Come up with appealing titles, contents, descriptions and tags.  Make sure that your titles, tags and descriptions contain keywords that are in-demand among web users.  Think of keywords that can catch the readers’ attention.