The most guaranteed way to get targeted traffic towards your website is ranking top on the search engines results page. But because there can only be one site at that coveted position for each search query, your being at the top is next to impossible considering the many sites available today on the cyberspace.

This however shouldn’t discourage you to aim to be among the top 10 in the search engine results page. One way that you can rise through the ranks is to have an article on each of your web pages containing at least 250 words and optimized to certain keywords as per your website.  On the other hand, you can take part in link exchange programs. This is where you agree to display links of other members of the program in your website as they do the same for your link on their websites.

This increases traffic towards your site whereby if in a search query a site of one of your partners shows up and not your site, the web surfer will be redirected to the site. If the website of your partner does not contain what the web surfer is looking for, most likely they will click on the next available link in the website, which might just be your link. This explains the reason why it is important to only link to websites that are in the same niche as yours.

The other way to increase traffic towards your website is to participate in banner exchanges, which work more or less like link exchange programs. However, your website will need to have a lot of space to accommodate other banners. Writing or newsletters, articles, and press releases are equally great sources of increasing your website traffic. This entails simply writing very many articles to drench the web and in the articles there should be links embedded therefore that link to your site.

Having such articles on the cyberspace is just like having mini-sites scattered in strategic locations online. Through the articles, you can offer your readers a chance to subscribe to your newsletters which can as well translate to a sale if they accept your offer. If you wish, you can make your site more or less like Wikipedia, only that you will be selling products on each of your web pages while Wikipedia doesn’t.

This way, you will be guaranteed of a top ten position in the search engines on the internet. This will however mean a lot of work but if you really want to make good money, the hard work will be worth it.